John McCain

United States Senator, Arizona

“Grant Lally is a patriot and has served the Republican Party and this nation with distinction and integrity.  I look forward to serving our nation with Grant Lally in the next US Congress.”  stated Sen John McCain.  “Grant Lally’s leadership in working on American foreign policy issues – especially his involvement to support the Peace Process in Northern Ireland – distinguishes Grant as an outstanding candidate for US. Congress.  I enthusiastically endorse Grant Lally for US Congress.”

Pete King

United States Congressman, New York’s 2nd Congressional District

“I’ve known Grant for over 30 years and he is serious about the security of the country and keeping our neighborhoods safe,” Representative King stated. “I need Grant to join me in Washington where we can make a real difference. I enthusiastically support Grant Lally for Congress.”

Rick Perry

Governor of the State of Texas

Jeb Bush

Former Governor of the State of Florida

“Grant is a personal friend and a man of great character,” stated Governor Bush. “I know that Grant will make a great Congressman and I enthusiastically support his campaign.”

George Pataki

Former Governor of the State of New York

Hon. Joseph Mondello

Chairman, Nassau County Republican Committee

Tom Rooney

United States Congressman, Florida’s 17th Congressional District

“Grant Lally will make a great addition to the House of Representatives,” stated Rep. Rooney. “He’s a principled conservative who will fight to reduce the excessive government regulations that limit job growth across the nation. I fully support Mr. Lally’s congressional Campaign.”

John Flanagan

New York State Senator, 2nd District

“Grant Lally is a principled conservative who will represent the interests of Republicans on the North Shore.” Stated Senator Flanagan, who represents Smithtown, Eastern Northport and Commack. “He is dedicated to lowering taxes, reducing the size of government and repealing Obamacare and will make an excellent congressman.”

Chad Lupinacci

New York State Assemblyman, 10th District

“It is with great enthusiasm that I fully endorse the candidacy of Grant Lally for Congress.” Pledged Chad Lupinacci, who represents Huntington in the New York Assembly. “Grant has a long and diverse history of dedicated public service in capacities dealing with issues ranging from the local to the international. Grant’s broad range of experience will serve us well when he gets to work in Washington as our representative.”

Maureen O’Connell

County Clerk, Nassau County

“Grant Lally is an outstanding choice to represent the residents of the North Shore, the 3rd Congressional District,” Mrs. O’Connell stated. “He is a principled leader who will fight for lower taxes, repeal Obamacare, and bring new jobs to Long Island. I look forward to Grant Lally defeating DCCC Chairman Steve Israel in November.”

Laura Schaefer

Nassau County Legislator, 14th District

“I enthusiastically endorse Grant Lally for Congress serving the 3rd Congressional District.” Ms. Schaefer stated. “Grant will fight hard to bring and keep high paying jobs here on Long Island. An accomplished attorney, he appeared before the U.S. Supreme Court in an effort to stop Obamacare and I believe his integrity and dedication will serve us well in Congress.”

Steve Forbes

“I am proud to announce my support for Grant Lally’s campaign for US Congress in New York’s Third District. Grant is exactly the type of leader we need to help reverse the Obama administration’s failed economic policies.”

John Burnett

Strategic Advisor to New York State GOP, former candidate for New York City Comptroller, Business Consultant, and advocate for Empowerment Now!: Education, Jobs, Lower Taxes & Fiscal Discipline

“Grant Lally is a serious and vocal policy leader who will fight for lower taxes to help families live better and save for retirement, while procuring organic growth for corporations and small businesses to create well-paying jobs for our youth and seasoned workers desiring viable job mobility options. We need committed and servant leadership that can focus on stimulating our American economy to benefit all and protect our right non-intrusively, while vigorously defending our national security interest at home and abroad. We need change that we can trust – we need your vote for Grant Lally for U.S. Congress.”

New York State Republican Committee

Edward Cox, Chairman

“Grant Lally is an outstanding and principled leader,” stated Edward Cox, chairman of the New York Republican State committee. “Grant’s courage in taking the fight against Obamacare to the United States Supreme Court, and his commitment to lower taxes, less regulation, and a more business-friendly government are the kind of changes we need in America.  Grant Lally will be a great Congressman, and the New York Republican State Committee is proud to support his election.”

Irish American Republicans

Christopher Callaghan, National Chairman

“Grant Lally belongs in Congress. He has an encyclopedic grasp of the issues, he understands the proper role of government, and he has lived the hopes and concerns of the residents of New York’s 3rd congressional district – and Grant exudes the calm confidence that is the essence of leadership,” Stated J. Christopher Callaghan, IAR’s National Chairman. “I urge Long Island Republicans to nominate on Primary Day, June 24th, the best candidate to defeat Barack Obama’s loyal soldier in November. That candidate is Grant Lally.”

Antonia Rettaliata-Tepe

Chairman, Huntington Republican Committee

Phil Ragusa

Chairman, Queens County Republican Committee

“It is with great pleasure to announce that the Queens County Republican Party is endorsing Grant Lally to be our Republican nominee in the 3rd Congressional District race. I have personally known Grant for nearly 30 years, his experience and dedication in promoting Republican principles is exactly what we need in a candidate for this district.”

Michael Long

Chairman, New York State Conservative Party

“The New York State Conservative Party is proud to have Grant Lally on Line C of the ballot in November. Lally will be our next Congressman from CD3.”

Jerry Kasar

Vice Chairman, New York State Conservative Party

“Grant Lally is a strong leader and has the experience to go to the House of Representatives and fight to lower our taxes, get rid of job killing regulations and do everything possible to repeal Obamacare. I have known Grant for many years and I am delighted to endorse him.”

Daniel Donovan

Chairman, Nassau County Conservative Party

“I am proud that Grant Lally is the endorsed candidate of the Conservative Party. He is a strong fiscal conservative, and will stop Obama and his cheerleader, Steve Israel.”

Edward Walsh

Chairman, Suffolk County Conservative Party

“The Suffolk County Conservative Party is proud to endorse Grant Lally. We look forward to Grant Lally beating Steve Israel and bringing conservative representation to the North Shore.”

Thomas Long

Chairman, Queens County Conservative Party

“I think Grant Lally is our best chance to win this congressional seat on the united Republican and Conservative ticket. He will bring sanity and strong leadership to congress.”

Suffolk County Libertarian Party

“Mr. Lally is an example of the Libertarian Party’s continuing efforts to bring together any and all who wish to promote freedom, free markets and small government.”